Raising Awareness for Mental Health

One of the problems plaguing those who work within the field of mental health, is that many people are not aware of the daily struggle that people face. The subject of mental health is taboo for some people. This leads to patients feeling too embarrassed to let others know that they truly need help to get better. Once someone starts to take medication to enhance mental stability, they often keep this hidden from others. Support groups allow patients and care givers to feel comfortable openly talking about mental health struggles and treatments. Here are some ways to raise awareness for mental health.

A great way to raise awareness for mental health advocacy, is through a dedicated run. Currently, people all over the UK participate in 3 and 5k runs. It is a great way to get in shape, and the entry money usually goes to a good cause. Anyone who is interested in creating an event like this should contact local community leaders for assistance. The event must be advertised well in advance in order to get the most money possible to support the cause. People who choose to participate will feel good that they contributed to a worthy medical cause.

Speaking engagements are another great way to raise awareness. Online forums alert people to events which focus on mental health advocacy. Anyone who has a story to tell should be able to offer their first-hand account about their experiences helping someone with mental challenges. Issues such as medications, setbacks, and longterm care are at the core of these events. Regardless of what you choose to do to raise awareness, the primary focus needs to be on the well-being of others. Raising awareness provides a voice for people who are unable to advocate for themselves.